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BEHAVE the way you BELIEVE!

"I believe that horses can make us better people.  If we can learn to LISTEN, UNDERSTAND, and COMMUNICATE effectively with them, our lives will be fuller and happier!  I stumbled into Natural Horsemanship after finding out what I didn't know about a very damaged mule named Josh. My journey began while searching for answers, and soon, the most amazing things began to happen when my BEHAVIOR became worthy of Josh's TRUST and RESPECT.  

By focusing to truly understand the principles of natural horsemanship, I unraveled the secrets that build a strong relationship.  I arrived with fear, but left with confidence and success.  I believe all things good and positive are possible with our horses.


BEHAVE the way you BELIEVE and live your dream!"

Nancy Slater

Nancy Slater [...] has dedicated her life to making the world a better place for horses and the people who love them. Her selfless passion for educating kids as well as demonstrating how a real partnership with your horse can lead to competitive success is what makes Nancy stand out. We could not be more proud to be represented by Nancy as she helps us to teach horse and riders, trainers and owners to use love, language and leadership to reach their goals with horses."

Linda Parelli


Nancy Slater: Horse Behavior Professional

With a mission to help make the world a better place for horses and the people who love them, Nancy promises to bridge the gap between horse and rider, always putting the relationship first. Nancy offers experience, education, and professionalism.

American Competitive Trail Horse Association National Champion in Open (PRO) Division on Zantanons Shaman, owned and trained by Nancy Slater.  At age 5, this QH competed and won her first year of competition.  Nancy continues to train for Equine Trail Sports and is a frequent column writer for major magazines on horse training topics.  She also teaches Natural Horsemanship skills in public schools.

Since age 4, Nancy has ridden and loved horses.  At an early age, she was riding ranch horses as a wrangler for children's summer camp, as well as competitive barrel racing and gymkhana. She has since trained and ridden with great horsemen and continues her horsemanship journey today. Nancy Slater shares the language of communication, trust, leadership by working with horses and their owners to build life long relations of companionship. She provides her services at her facility and travels extensively throughout the US, giving lessons and workshops, sharing her knowledge, helping horses and their owners become amazing partners.

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