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Natural Horsemanship In Schools

Nancy participates in a unique program where she takes her own horses into schools, and the students there have an opportunity to learn horsemanship in a hands on way.  Nancy personally developed this program and wrote the curriculum that is used.  Some of the students have been involved for multiple years now, and have built impressive natural horsemanship skills. This program not only allows them to learn skills with horses, but they can see how those same tools can be used in other areas in their lives.  As a bonus, the program has enabled the teachers in the schools to take the tools in the program and use them to become more proficient in their teaching.  It is a wonderful thing when all parties involved have experienced positive impact from learning what makes horses tick and how we can partner well with them!


Sixteen Hands Horse Sanctuary

Nancy has trained several horses for Sixteen Hands Horse Sanctuary, including some "feral" horses that could not be handled.  Some of the cases were very extreme and she exceeded the expectations for each of the horses that came to her facility for training.  One of the now famous horses, Chevy the Wild Mustang,  had severe PTSD that required a level of savvy that was beyond what most trainers ever need when working with wild horses.  He moved along so well under her coaching that she agreed to continue working with he and his forever foster mom after his initial training period with her.  She has donated countless hours to Chevy's ongoing development since then, along with both of his forever foster parents' horsemanship training. She donated her services for a fund raising clinic for SHHS, named "Parelli to the Rescue", which reached their volunteers and other members in their surrounding community.   


Heartland Horses Equines Activities & Learning received a grant from the Parelli Foundation that has allowed them to come to Nancy's facility once a month with their horses for training.  They bring several horses and volunteers and staff at a time, which allows them to all be on the same page and to learn how to be "eyes on the ground" for each other while working with their horses.  Another huge benefit is that it is helping them to learn safer handling methods which in turn aids in developing calmer and more confident horses.  A highlight so far has been when they had the privilege of visiting the Parelli campus for a day trip,  where Linda Parelli herself gave them a personal lesson and coached them through four of the seven Parelli games.  

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