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Over the past several years, Nancy has worked hard to create a unique learning environment where she can share her love of natural horsemanship and central Florida with others.  Set in the heart of Florida's Lake and Prairie Region, Nancy's facilities stretch from Tiger Lake in the west to an area of open dry prairie consisting of several thousand acres with trails for riding and exploring this wilderness.

Onsite, Nancy has an arena with a 60' round pen and an extensive obstacle trail for you and your horse to challenge yourself and learn new skills.  The new Cowboy Cabin allows students to stay onsite, which helps create an immersive learning experience.  If you have you own trailer or enjoy tent camping, Nancy has facilities for that too.  For the horses, there are shaded pens. .


Lessons with Nancy

Choose from either private or group lessons to rapidly advance your skills. Private lessons are one-on-one training with you and your horse, allowing you to get personalized coaching to help you get the most out of your relationship with your horse. 


In group lessons, Nancy works with a number of clients simultaneously moving between them as they need help.


Obstacle Trail

One great way to test the abilities of both yourself and your horse is on the new Cowboy Camp Obstacle Trail.

The trail offers a range of challenges for you to work out issues before you encounter them in the wild.  

Each obstacle has a range of skill levels from easy to hard.  



If you have your own RV, tent or sleeping facilities in your trailer you can camp on-site.  

Water is available, and for electric you are allowed to bring your own quiet generator.

The camping area includes a fire ring, picnic tables and seating.  


Horse Training

Bring your horse in for foundation training or just a tune up!


Nancy typically takes only one horse at a time which allows for a high level of focused training with that horse. 

Horses are accepted by the week.  During the training time, Nancy will show you how to maintain the progress she has made with your horse.


Guided Rides

Ride through the Dry Prairie to the east of Nancy's property all the way to the shore of lake Kissammee.  The gate to the wilderness trails is just behind the arena. 

Nancy is a national trail riding champion.  She will be your guide and can offer some suggestions for the challenges you may face along the way.  This is real world trail sports.



Large shaded stalls provide a place for your horse to take a break when you are not working together or for overnight.


Cowboy Cabin

Lease the Cowboy Cabin and enjoy access to the beautiful property.

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